Welcome to the creative journey of interior architect Remy Meijers. Join him on his fascinating exploration of The Shape Of Silence—unique spaces inspired by the art of nature. Remy’s captivating interiors articulate with excellence and precision through matter and form.

For his residential project, A Modern Tale in Utrecht, brave choices and the finest craftsmanship amplify nature’s capability to slow down our minds. A full-scale redesign and renovation of a listed building, A Modern Tale is a contemporary poem that dares to be still. When all noise disappears, what arises can be magical.

“Silence awakens our senses. The full-flavoured sweetness of a ripe strawberry or the intensified sound of waves breaking on the shore. Slowing down makes everything more intense and quieter at the same time”

“I started simply by spending time inside the rooms. When you can quiet the noise, you notice which elements merely pose a distraction. From this place of silence, the wood panelling started to speak to me”